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Sandfly Circus Show 2022 - AHOY! - Sept 2022

It was a swashbuckling Sandfly Circus Show in 22 with AHOY!

Sandfly Circus Show 2022 - AHOY! - Sept 2022

AHOY! sent Broome audiences on the search for Blackbeard’s shattered heart.

Sandfly Circus performers took on the mission wholeheartedly - they hoisted the sails and went to get the pieces back!

Along the way they had to deal with the heart’s guardians: dinosaurs, creatures of the deep, and unicycling monkeys!

Luckily Broome's favourite ragtag crew of pirates were ready with their high-flying acrobatics, cheeky smiles, and daring stunts.

This hearty adventure brought to you by the Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus was enjoyed by all!

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