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Recent shows & projects

Big Country Puppets at Yakanarra Community - Nov 2022

Big Country Puppets in Yakanarra Community with the Ngurrarra Rangers and Yakanarra School

Dragonfly Outreach Residency - Yiramalay Studio School - Nov 2022

Yiramlay Studio School, near Fitzroy Crossing is one of our repeat, annual residencies. Both the Yiramalay students and the visiting artists from the National Institute of Circus Australia (NICA) get so much out of it!

Sandfly Circus Show 2022 - AHOY! - Sept 2022

It was a swashbuckling Sandfly Circus Show in 22 with AHOY!

Dragonfly Outreach Residency Beagle Bay - Aug 2022

Dragonfly Outreach project and performance with partners Flying Fruit Fly Circus

Little Bit Bust Out 2022 - July 2022

And another one for the kids and young and heart! Following on from last year's first ever Little Bit Bust Out for younger audiences - Little Bit Bust Out was another great success.

Bust Out Cabaret - July 2022

TK's annual Bust Out Cabaret 22

Cirquoir - Skating and Beatboxing Residency - June & July 2022

Cirquior project partnership with Generosity Circus - roller-skating, circus, beatbox - fun mix of great activities for kids!

Sandfly Circus Show - Silly Plonkers - Sept 2021

Theatre Kimberley's Annual Sandfly Circus Show

Little Bit Bust Out 2021

And finally one for the kids – the first-ever - Little Bit Bust Out!

Bust Out Cabaret - Aug 2021

Every year Broome Busts Out at Theatre Kimberley's Adults Only Bust Out Cabaret 2021

Mulan Big Country Puppets 2021

Theatre Kimberley's Big Country Puppet outreach program sees artists travel to remote communities to work with Indigenous rangers, elders and children to tell stories connected to culture, country and language.

Worn Art Revamped - Te Kore 2020

Te Kore - A World Beyond - Nov 2020 was Theatre Kimberley's 18th Worn Art Revamped production. It was written and directed by award winning designer and Broome local, Lesley Marsh.

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