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Theatre Kimberley is hiring... 

We've got some great part-time opportunities available now

These could either be done separately by different people, or combined, depending on your skills and time available. 

Please have a look at relevant position description/s - Administrative Support, Programs and Productions Assistant, Communications Assistant

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please email Jael 


To apply please email Jael - 


Please include: 

1) a cover letter addressing the selection criteria and telling us a little bit about why you're interested in the position (no more than 2 pages)


2) your resume/cv 


Application deadline - 5pm, Mon 20 Feb 2023

Thank you!

A WA State Cultural Treasure - Chris Hill

We are delighted that Chris Hill was granted a WA State Cultural Treasures Award on 7 Dec 2022.

These awards acknowledge outstanding lifelong contributions by WA artists to their art form and the community and community arts organisation. 
Many people in Broome know Chris, and there would be very few Broome locals who haven't enjoyed his work over the years, possibly without even realising. For those of you who'd like to know more about this tall, Welsh, artist, maker and space transformer, here's a short snippet of his life so far. 

In 1983, Chris graduated from Curtin University with a BA in Fine Arts (Painting and Printmaking), but it was not  until the 1990s that Chris found his true passion − not behind the scenes but making them.


Over the years he has honed his craft and expanded his horizons to become the go-to man in the Kimberley for props and sets. He has created work for Theatre Kimberley, Goolarri Media, Marrugeku Dance, Magabala Books, Shinju Matsuri Festival, Perth Festival and Barking Gecko Theatre.


He has also built sets for ‘Bran Nue Dae’, ‘Jandamarra’s War’ and ‘The Circuit’.In 2020,


Chris Hill and his partner Gwen Knox were appointed patrons of the 50th Anniversary Shinju Matsuri Festival in recognition of their enormous contribution to the arts over three decades.

Please click image below for a short video that was played at the award night. 

Chris's video for Cultural Treasures Award night Jan 23.JPG

Photo and video by Paul Bell - Feral Films 


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