Act-Belong-Commit Outreach Beagle Bay 2012


Beagle Bay Sacred Heart School



Remote Outreach Community Cultural Development (CCD) and artistic program .

The remote delivery of TK’s community cultural development and artistic programs has provided a range of unique opportunities for young people to engage with and learn creative skills from highly-skilled, qualified artists, develop a sense of place and wellbeing and perform to wider audiences through touring. 

 The two-way learning process also enables Broome-based emerging artists, established Western Australian artists and interstate artists to undertake extraordinary professional development opportunities by engaging with Aboriginal communities and young people. 

 This model nurtures not only the creative process but also the relationship between ‘mentees’ and ‘mentors’ and grows a sustainable delivery whereby Theatre Kimberley is welcomed back time and time again as a constant, supportive and exciting creative presence.

Who's involved in Act-Belong-Commit Outreach Beagle Bay 2012?

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