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One of TK's most anticipated events, Worn Art Revamped, Raranga - The Weave is set to mesmerise audiences, this November!

Raranga - The Weave is the second instalment of the Te Ao Marama Trilogy, written by Lesley Marsh. Te Kore - A World Beyond (Worn Art Revamped, 2020) was the first instalment of the series.

‘Raranga’ is the Maori art of weaving, but the term also has metaphorical meanings involving mental health and cultural cohesion. ‘Raranga’ evokes strong feelings of unity and togetherness; the weaving of the people into their families and tribes - the weaving together of all creation into a single indivisible living wholeness. Never has there been a better time to explore and value our own ‘Raranga.’

Buy tickets HERE!

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