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Theatre Kimberley is delighted to announce the costume winners for Worn Art Revamped production, Raranga - The Weave


Broome audiences were once again treated to another spectacular performance of multicultural costumes, Traditional and original dance, puppetry, music and circus. 


Raranga - The Weave was created by Broome local, Lesley Marsh, and directed by returning Perth artist, Claudia Alessi. Inspired by the Maori art form of weaving, the show featured a stunning collection of woven wearable art works from Broome, the Southwest and Interstate, and includes works by notable Wearable Art award winners. 

This years costume winners were: 

Overall Winner: Pearl Jewellery: $2,000 Major sponsor Anastasia’s of Broome

In All Her Glory by Emily Gabb


Overall Winner Runner-up: Pearl jewellery: $1,500 Major sponsor Anastasia’s of Broome

Colourful Life of Earth’s Fauna by Maika Quilisadio Iquin 

Most Awesome Kid’s Award: $200 cash prize sponsored by Val Burton Trust 

Run Rabbit Run by Sienna Gallus 


Awesome Kid’s Award: $100 cash prize sponsored by Val Burton Trust

The Turtles by STEAM Team


Well Done Kid Award: $50 cash prize sponsored by Val Burton Trust

Bottles of Fun by Soleia Raj-Pasith


Best in Category Awards Loose Pearls: Sponsored by Anastasia’s of Broome


Category 1: Ocean: Angler Fish by Catherine Higgins


Category 2: Flora and Fauna: Floriana by Suzette Darcy


Category 3: Earth’s Colours: Australia our Land by Ardea Murphy


Category 4: Natural Weave: Fernweh by Jerilee Bretag


Category 5: Synthetic Weave:  XRT Toxic Paradox by Tracy Lowe


Category 6: Metal and Futuristic Weave: All Eyes Are On Me by Jo Ireland and Lorna Bright


Category 7: On country Yiramalay Award:  Mulla Mulla by Jacqui Brooking


Theatre Kimberley would like to acknowledge dance groups from Broome’s Burrb Wanggarraju Nurlu, (led by Yawuru woman, Tara Gower), the Broome Maori, Filipino and Samoan communities and the Broome Performing Arts Company.


Theatre Kimberley would especially like to thank its community partners and collaborators: Yiramalay Studio School; Broome Library, Broome Performing Arts Company, Theatre Kimberley’s Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus. 


Costume number 4 - In all her glory (Turtle) by Emily Gabb 

Peoples Choice Winner

Raranga poster 10.jpg
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