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Lily Chin

TK Board
Member Vice-Chair

I’m Kimberley born and bred from Old Broome family stock. I’m tertiary trained in
Fashion and Textiles, and Art and Design. I’ve worked in Retail Manufacturing
Jewellery, Real Estate Sales, Project Development, and with Goolarri Media
Enterprises as Sales, Sponsorship and Production Manager. I’ve recently completed 8
years with Nyamba Buru Yawuru.
I’ve been a Worn Art Committee Member since 2006 and an active Committee member
of the Broome Chinese Community Inc for 10 years.
Theatre and the Arts have been an interest of mine for over 30 years. I was a costume
designer for a Big Mamma Production’s Theatre production in 2015, I’ve been a Worn
Art artist since 2007; I was commissioned as a leading Community Artist in TK’s 2018
Worn Art production. I’ve recently been a Public Art Project Consultant for Chinatown’s
Revitalisation Project.

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