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Lesley Marsh

TK Board

I was born in Ponsonby Auckland and spent my childhood in West Auckland. I successfully completed my University Entrance and was offered a place at prestigious Auckland University however I chose to do my OE (overseas experience) and headed to Australia. I travelled extensively around Australia until I arrived in Broome WA. I later completed my Bachelor of Business at Notre Dame University and currently reside in the Kimberley town of Broome, West Australia.
My passion is utilising recycled materials for various art projects. I am a professional Costume Designer with successful entries into NZ WOW, NZ Style Pasifika, Broome’s Worn Art Event (3x Overall Winner) and regularly costume the local Broome Sandfly Circus. I have successfully completed elected units on Aboriginal Arts, The Bradshaw Theory, and Visual Arts as part of my Business Degree at Notre Dame University, Australia.
I am currently writing and creating WAR (Worn Art Revamped) productions.

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