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Cirquoir - Skating and Beatboxing Residency - June & July 2022

Cirquior project partnership with Generosity Circus - roller-skating, circus, beatbox - fun mix of great activities for kids!

Cirquoir - Skating and Beatboxing Residency - June & July 2022

Cirquoir was a 5 week residency in Broome with Generosity Circus who partnered with Theatre Kimberley to offer a wide range of fun activities in Broome.

On offer for people to try, was roller skating - encouraging people to make 'roller friends', progress their skate skills, and play at group choreography.

For anyone who already knew how to skate there was an Intermediate Skate Choreography class - a four week progressive roller skating intensive with Jennie from Generosity Circus.

Participants built their skills week by week and worked as a team on choreography for potential future performance opportunities.

Participants of any age were welcome but had to be willing to wear a helmet and protective gear - luckily the workshops were offered in the dry, cooler season.

All skates and protective gear were available to borrow for the workshops.

The kids all had a fun time with some really getting into it. There have been lots of requests for Generosity Circus to come back, including from the Sandfly Circus kids who Jenni and Ross took for some classes and workshops.

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