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Design Categories

Wearable Art Categories


Awesome Kids - Twisted Play (upper primary & secondary age groups) Playthings to be plaited, twirled, and curled to create a worn piece of childhood.

Ocean Inspired: Let the materials and stories of the ocean guide your creation.

Land Inspired: Plants and flowers - Earth’s flora.


Land Inspired: Animals and insects - Earth’s fauna.

Natural Dye: Allow Earth’s own colours to tint your creation.

Natural Weave: Incorporate only natural materials into a uniquely woven artwork.

Synthetic Weave: Weave your creation with plastic or other synthetics - recycling or reusing are your means to success - waste not want not.

Metal Weave: Woven or overlapping elements are required. This could include aluminium, wire, copper, steel.

Futuristic Weave: Open Section. A clear combination of any of the categories above.

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