Ruth Battle

Circus and Dance Performer

Landing a lead role in the WA Youth Theatre Companys’ production of ‘Giants have us in their books’ saw a 15 year old Ruth confirm her suspicions that she was destined to be a performer. After focusing all her energy on her Drama Studies in school (much to the frustration of her other teachers) she left school and roamed the Australian country side until she was 21. 
When she finally returned home she auditioned for the ‘Annie Stainer School of Physical Theatre’ and consequently studied there for two years before being invited into their performance company for the next three years. She has performed Physical Theatre and Circus (including Aerial Puppetry) at many festivals, community events and corporate functions around WA for clients ranging from small town councils to the Fremantle Dockers. 
Four years ago, Ruth created Happy Hoopz, her hula-hoop business which saw her hand-crafting hoops for Circus Oz, creating Circo Moso a youth circus troupe and performing her own unique blend of hoopdance, traditional circus hoopla and comedy. 
The last twelve months has seen Ruth return to her traveller roots, exploring her way around Europe and the UK. She has performed in cabarets in Austria and Ireland, busked on the streets of Spain and trained with the best in Edinburgh.


Circus and Dance Performer
  • Photo by: Nik Babic
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