Lesley Marsh

Performer Costume Designer

My artistic endeavour is to share my Maori culture and spirituality through my Creations, Performances and Artwork. The following piece is a snippet of the Maori creation story that begins at the end and ends at the beginning.....kia kaha whanau

Ko te kore/ emptiness
Te kore-te-whiwhia/ intangible
Te kore-te-kerekere/ unseen
Te kore-te-taumaua/ boundless
Te kore-te-matua/ parentless
Emptiness is the intangible / the
unseen / the boundless / to be alone

yet to be alone/ is to be/ other
than the emptiness/ therefore are you alone?

A void that is endless / solitary / is a void nonetheless/ and if you are/ then is the void a void? is there not someone home ..........

Nothing turns around to face/ the great expanse of empty space

churning turmoil unknown you are/ in a time of darkness from afar

I feel it/ I think it/ if I am/ you are...

For if there is you/ there must be me/ for in this moment of 'TO BE

it is I/ that turns towards a space/ that I/ can differentiate...

To acknowledge the dark is to let it shine/ then acknowledge that thought that enters a mind

To acknowledge the void of the unseen/ is to acknowledge the awareness of Be ing.....

For if I am conscious here / let the heavens expand and appear/ as they turn and churn in space/ where light of darkness divides a place/ I know I exist in this case/ can feel a tear upon my face....

I sense something new to set me free/ as if I’ve fallen... falling free

I feel I can now quantify/ that I exist and occupy

I am therefore let all else be / I am a body in physicality




Lesley A Marsh 2010


Performer Costume Designer
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