Joey Ruigrok van der Werven


Joey is an Australian freelance designer and inventor of sets, structures, rigging and contraptions for theatre. His designs are always an intrinsic part of the narrative. They are more than just a backdrop with which the performers need to interact.

Prior to moving to Australia in 1996 he was key artist and technical manager of Dogtroep, one of Europe’s renowned, site-specific theatre companies.
In Australia Joey has designed and built for Stalker, Marrugeku, Legs on the Wall, Gravity Feed, Kantanka and many incidental shows.

He co-wrote and design engineered the miracle event, ‘Dream Masons’ on the façade of Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart, Tasmania; he directed his own site specific show ‘Volta’, a designer driven event in the foyer of ‘Carriage Works’, Sydney; he designed and directed 'the Lunchbox', an opera in Hobart for IHOS; and he co-wrote and designed 'FireWater', a large scale water spectacle in the harbour of Sydney as part of the new Vivid festival.

Joey also leads master classes and workshops for both fellow practitioners and communities in the devising and making of contraptions and objects for performative events


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