Chris Mayhew

Chris Mayhew is an accomplished and versatile performer, circus artist, trainer and now working as a director with over 30 years of experience in his field. A former national level competitor in both artistic gymnastics and sports acrobatics qualifying as a state level coach and judge in both Mens and Womens gymnastics teams before performing world wide as a principal adagio dancer and circus artist.

Some of his credits include featured acrobat in the film “Moulin Rouge” and engagements with many of Australia's leading Performing Arts companies such as Circus Oz, Darc Swan Dance Company, Salamanca Theater company, Page Gordon Dance Collective and The Australian Opera to name a few

His early passion for coaching and devising gymnastic training programs became a foundation for working as a circus trainer and he develop acrobatic training programs at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) as well as curriculum for acrobatic dance in vocational dance schools here and in the US and Canada. Some of my former students are now performing in Cirque du Solie and have featured in Musicals “West Side Story and Dirty Dancing as well as many international shows.

As well as passing on his training and experience to professional level performers I also believe the circus and performing arts have a valuable and significant contribution to the development of youth and can help with many of the issues young people face today.

The nature of circus training itself is non competitive and very holistic towards self developmental and positive lifestyles. Outcomes such as respect, self esteem, creativity, strong community focus and social development, not to mention the physical benefits of fitness and healthy habits formed for both young and older participants is well documented.

Now focused more of the development of others in the physical art form I am renewed by the teaching, directing and facilitation of what I see as a huge potential for development in both educational and the performance areas utilizing the many positive aspects of today’s contemporary circus.


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