Andrew Chambers

Sound and Lights Tech

Andrew Chambers, production man and lighting person, has been doing this sort of thing for ages. Most of his life has been spent inside darkened venues and working, watching and waiting until everyone’s gone home after having a way too good a time. 

In many and varied guises his work has included stints with The Festival of Perth, nearly all of Perth’s major or minor theatre companies, all it’s venues, the orchestra, the ballet and the opera. When not being cultural there have been years spent in nightclubs, pubs and every sort of venue making those musicians and other performers seen, heard and generally felt supported.

Finally, after years of practice, the road led north to Broome and the wonders of Worn Art.  After 30 odd, sometimes very odd years of lighting, making sound, building stages and running events he's relocated to the warmth of the Kimberley in the hope that one day there will be as much original music, performance and culture exported from this place as gets brought in.

Andrew is

  • Board Member of Kimberley Performing Arts Council (
  • VP of Shinju Matsuri Festival Association
  • Board member, Country Arts WA.


Sound and Lights Tech
  • Categories: Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus 2016, Act-Belong-Commit Theatre Youth Program 2017 - 2019, Bust Out Cabaret 2017, Bust Out Cabaret 2019, Outreach Djarindjin/Lombadina 2013, Outreach Fitzroy Crossing 2013, Sandfly Circus, Sandfly Circus 2014 Outta this World, Sandfly Circus 2015 Total Rebuild, Sandfly Circus Show - Come Fly With Us, Sandfly Circus Show 2019, Ship of Dreams, Staircase, The Shorebirds Quest, Theatre, Worn Art, Worn Art 2008, Worn Art 2009, Worn Art 2010, Worn Art 2011, Worn Art Revamped 2016
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