Act-Belong-Commit Outreach Bayulu 2013

River Stories

Bayulu Remote Community School



Bayulu River Stories, a Theatre Kimberley Act-Belong-Commit Outreach Project with Bayulu Remote Community School, is a delightful and meaningful series of traditional stories performed by the Bayulu Community School and Community. Told by the Elders of the Gooniyandi and Walmitjarri Communities, these stories have been shared from Elder to child for many generations. They are funny, pertinent, educational and above all a gift of knowledge. These stories have been retold using puppetry, dance, circus, animation and film, and will be performed in a one-night-only show, held at Bayulu Community School. Every participant has been engaged with multiple stories as they learn their skill of choice. Over the one month of daily training each participant has developed their skill, and the content they have created is used to tell the stories in the show. The whole project process is being recorded by participants who are learning how to shoot documentary. Their material will be shown on ICTV.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Governament through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


Who's involved in Act-Belong-Commit Outreach Bayulu 2013?

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