Mulan Big Country Puppets 2021

Theatre Kimberley's Big Country Puppet outreach program sees artists travel to remote communities to work with Indigenous rangers, elders and children to tell stories connected to culture, country and language.

In May 2021, the small community of Mulan on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert welcomed two professional puppet makers who worked with the community over 5 weeks to make giant puppets for a performance for the whole community telling two traditional stories.

One story was about Ngalku (bilby) that took the pearl shell from the Paruku lake system, underneath the ground, all the way to Yawuru country at present day Broome.

The other was about the great egret Jalka who took barramundi from Paruku and flew north into other Indigenous countries, dropping the fish.

School children dressed as rangers chased down a feral cat puppet stalking Ngalku, before bundling the cat puppet into a ute in an unscripted part of the show as the audience watching from the oval sidelines laughed.

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