Act-Belong-Commit Dragonfly Outreach Bidyadanga 2014

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Bidyadanga Remote Community School



This week had six teenage trainers from the Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus Marchflies go to Bidyadanga/La Grange Remote Community School to assist in training the students in preparation for the circus performance on Thursday. Marchflies Hayley, Reuben, Oliver, Kai, Rachel, Luna, and Pam as the parent supervisor, drove down on Monday and spent the week honing the student’s circus skills. Accommodation for the was in the Home Economics room at the school and the teenagers were paired up to prepare a meal for the group each night.

The students were enthusiastic and focussed on learning new circus skills. There was so much raw talent amongst them. The teachers themselves were very helpful in terms of student behaviour management and they were also highly supportive of the project. As Bidyadanga is the largest remote Aboriginal community in Western Australia, the school has a high number of students, up to 200, and it was a challenge on the days when there were up to 40 children at once. The trainers handled it exceptionally well. On Thursday school finished for the students at noon and they reported back at 4pm to dress and get made up. The was a little confusion from the community about the time of the commencement of the performance so while waiting for more community members to show up, the Marchfly trainers and head trainers, Kate and Louis, did an impromptu performance and wowed the students with their skills. The show went off without a hitch and the community, students and teachers were clearly proud. Afterwards there was a barbecue for everyone.
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