2014 WA Circus Festival

Professional Development through the roof

WA Circus Festival



The annual WA Circus Festivals have become a great way for the Sandflies to push their skills. Every years, hundreds of circus professionals gather together at Karridale aka Karnidale and attend the Festival hosted by Fat Matt and the Lunar Circus. To find out more about it, look up the Lunar Circus website.
This year, Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus performed excerpts from Chinatown Big Top.
The benefits of the experience are many. For some neby Sandflies, seeing the commitment, strength and amazing skill of professionals in the field can just be totally inspiring. Also, the mood is always fun, yet disciplined. Seasoned performers from Australia, the UK, Europe and the States are all there, and are more than happy to share their hard-won skills with the keen up-and-comers. This kind of focused attention from highly skilled peers is a real boon for anyone, and for some Sandflies it can cement a real dedication and desire to achieve into a personal practice.
It is an awesome time, with lots of laughs, revelry and amazing talents to behold.
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