Worn Art opens Oct 31st
Tickets are available now

Posted by Ushan Boyd

The Great Pearl Tragedy

Worn Art tickets are on sale now! You can purchase online at the Theatre Kimberley website here:http://bit.ly/wornart2014

Worn Art 2014 is a theatrical wearable art show called "The Great Pearl Tragedy". It is loosely based on Broomes pearling history in it's hey-day - set in the early 1900's. It hints ata girl with red hair and a secret.

This year is a reformatted Worn Art - it's been flipped on it's head! The story came first this time, then the costumes. About 70 costumes including some old favourites, have been created by a core group of about 15 designers.

This years Worn Art spectacular is a vaudeville, theatrical presentation of wearable art.

Opening Night : Friday 31st October
Closing Night: Saturday 1st Novemeber.

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