World Circus Day 2014
Shenanigans at the Broome Courthouse Markets

Posted by Meredith Benke Bell

Photo by Julia Rau Photography. MC Ben Collins.

Photo by Julia Rau Photography. Make up maketh the clown.

Photo by Julia Rau Photography. Ready, set, WOAH!

Well, it was time for us to join countless circus fans around the globe and make a fuss over World Circus Day. What better way to do so than to have an open ‘Circus Olympics’ at the Broome Courthouse Markets? Emcee Ben Collins got the crowd’s attention not only by employing great enthusiasm – his sporty ensemble also kept them entranced.

Numerous and varied events catered for the mere beginner as well as the highly trained enthusiast. There was a handstand competition, longest run of cartwheels event, coin juggling, a hula hoop battle, slack line walking, and a unicycle race. A few brave adults left the crowd of onlookers to join in, but the event was most clearly a hit with the town’s youth. I thought we’d never accommodate all the keen slack line walkers, and surprising numbers were keen to cartwheel their way to a state of prolonged nausea. We were delighted to see that Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus youth were well represented as participants, but it was also fantastic to see total newbies coming along and having a try. A great vibe was created for all to take in, and I saw many would-be passersby stopping in their tracks with surprise-turned-to-amusement all over their face. I hope all who joined us enjoyed themselves. We may have to make it an annual event!

Theatre Kimberley's Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus hosted Circus Olympics at the Broome Courthouse Markets.  All were welcome - this was a free event and fun for the whole family.  There was coin juggling, slack line walking, unicycle racing, a handstand competition and much much more.
Julia Rau Photography has posted photos to her Facebook page.

12 April 2014; 09.00 - 09.30;
Broome Courthouse Markets;
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