When the animals come out to play
Bayulu River Stories Project

Posted by Rachel Arianne Ogle

Smiles all round!

Laying down some grooves

Performing for the littlies

"The whole world is dancing, especially the animals in Bayulu..."

A flock of galahs adorned with pink and grey feathers hopped, jumped and jostled across the stage, swooping and circling with their innocent playfulness and exuberant funky dance moves, reminding us all of the joy and transformation through movement and play. As the flock eagerly aligned, each precious individual galah took flight, soaring and beaming with smiles, liberated, free and celebratory...

The brolgas, majestic and graceful, provided a moment for reflection, entrancing with their beauty and elegance. As they undulated, bowed, stretched and expanded their wings, they expanded our hearts and visions with abun-dance!

Enter the kangaroos. Boom! Proud and uber kool with their bounding tails, colorful sunglasses, tutting paws and funky grooves, this mob of roo's strong presence captivated the crowd, shaking the dust as they brought their individual style to the stage with an explosiveness of bounding heights. The Koolest Kangaroo Krew in the Kimberley, who wouldn't want to join such a mob? One little boy couldn't resist, and did just that...

Thank you to the brilliant young dancers who brought these animals to life with their enthusiasm, fervor, commitment and hard work. It was an absolute privilege!

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