TK Website Launches!
A new look and new level of engagement

Posted by Ushan Boyd

The home page just says hello!

It's been worth the weight, and now, hear it finally is, just when we weren't shore whether it would arrive or knot, LO and BEHOLDen WB ute, I give to ewe, the website!!

With this website we will be able to look freaky cool as well as :

  • Take payments for classes,
  • Sell show tickets,
  • Post updates on our latest projects,
  • Host the archive of our work to date,
  • Show the artists that are working or have worked with us, and on which projects,
  • Provide members only info for artists and parters involved with TK.

What an awesome amount of functionality! Please feel free to comment or contact us through the website.

Some sections are still being filled, can you believe it. This is mainly because TK has such a large body of work it is a gradual process to collate it all, and then fill it. If you notice anything that seems to be missing, and you'd like to know more, please contact us and I'll do my best to fill or update that section pronto.

Enjoy the site!

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