Staircase To The Moon 2016
Staircase To The Moon Tour 2016

Posted by Chris Hill

Staircase to the Moon set

Adaptability was the name of the game for our recent tour through the Pilbara with the Staircaseto theMoon production.

Driving from Broome to the Karrijini Festival was the first epic part of the trip and although conditions were harsh, we put on a great show. We found the stage was not quite big enough for our set up so we commandeered their large marquee and did the show on the ground.From set designer/ stage crew perspective outdoor events are always unpredictable but once the easterly winds eased off everything went fine. There was some funny backstage moments that we laughed about afterwards…

After a long drive from there to Exmouth (Mental note to self- take a proper analogue map next time and don’t rely on young people and google maps) we set up at their small but perfectly formed theatre and really nailed a top show. At the end we demystified the scary boab and frangipani tree by showing the kids how the mechanics worked. They loved that and it was nice to see them facing their fears!

Onto Onslow from there, where we set up in their cavernous sports hall which was fine as a venue, once the magic of Jay Smokers lights kicked in. The appreciative audience was taken on a trip to the moon with our marvellous performers Susie Quicke, Bernadette Trench- Thiedeman, Alex Grosse and Ilse Pickle giving it their all, accompanied by the talented Rob Pascoe and our team of young performers from Onslow community.

Back home to Broome to unpack and squash more props into the shed until next time!

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