Shinju Float Parade 2014
Spacey Circus Dixiland

Posted by Ushan Boyd

Photo by Chris Hill. The troops before the show

Photo by Chris Hill. Featuring Madhavi Hunt on a 2-high hoop trick.

Photo by Chris Hill. The colourful troops.
Photo by Chris Hill. Franque and Betty.
Photo by Chris Hill. Gwen Knox on banjo

Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus spaced it up for the 2014 Shinju Float Parade. The annual show "Outta This World" is due to open on September the 19th.
Gwen says

"The Shinju Parade was awesome, with lots of great feedback. Betty Best stole the show with her Frida Kahlo eyebrows (sorry guys!). The band was awesome! Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus were great, they all did a fantastic job and they should all be proud of themselves."
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