Sandfly Trainers' Weekend with Eleanor Davies
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Posted by Meredith Benke Bell

Franque Batty and new teen trainer, Asha Vincent, spot Sibylle Wenger on the walking globe. Leah Pigram (L), Eleanor Davies, and Ryan Jenkins (R) look on.

All clowns meditate on their favourite fashion accessory at the beginning of one of Eleanor's clowning sessions.

The Sandfly Circus was delighted to have visiting artist, Eleanor Davies produce an action-packed weekend of professional development for our Train-the-Trainer weekend, March 10-11. Eleanor has worked on various projects with TK over many years. She is currently based in Margaret River.

A significant part of the weekend was focused on clowning, which is one of Eleanor’s specialties. What great therapy – we laughed so much in these sessions! This is my reminder to thank our partners at Healthway’s Act-Belong-Commit campaign, who promote getting involved in activities in the community to keep physically healthy as well as mentally healthy. We are so thankful for their support to have weekends like these.

A few words from Eleanor:

“I had such an amazing time running clowning workshops and teacher training at the Sandfly Circus in Broome in March 2018. It was such a joy to run a clowning class and come away with memories that still give me a chuckle. People can easily dismiss clowning as being an idiotic past time, however it is invaluable to place a smile on a face or to shine a light on a not so pleasant situation and get a laugh. Humour touches people in a gentle way; I do find it is a most powerful art-form. And when you work in the community or teach in a class, keeping humour alive is a necessity. The Sandfly Circus is lucky to have so many talented students and teachers; their sense of humor and openness to learning was inspirational. I have confidence that their skills will extend beyond the Sandfly Circus and into the broader community.

“Attention in expanding on teaching skills in all areas of development, from kindy through to teens was invaluable. The Sandflies cover a large age demographic and support teens in the role of teacher trainer assistants. Everybody was so eager to learn new skills and revive existing skills in the teacher training. I hope the Sandflies get the opportunity to take their skills into the broader communities in the future, whether it be in talented performing or teaching. I will miss you and hope to see you all again soon!

Thankyou – Eleanor Davies”

For more photos and video of the weekend, check out our 'Theatre Kimberley' Facebook page.

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