Sammy the LION??
Sammy the Dragon's back story

Posted by Gwen Knox

The restored Sammy - the - LION head

Pre- restoration

The original Sammy the dragon who was actually a lion with an identity crisis and this is his head.

He has been sitting in the Shinju Shed for many years being used as spare parts for the current Sammy the Dragon.

I recently renovated "Sammy the Lion" for use in the upcoming Act-Belong-CommitSandfly Circus Show "Chinatown Big Top - a day in the life of the Hyland Circus".

As seen in the before photo there was not much left of him to go by so I tried to keep the original themes based on snippets of remnants for colour ideas. Where possible original bits and pieces have been recycled for example his eyelashes and beard are the original pig hair, and part of his eyelids have been left in place.  His internal frame is original though a lot of repairs were needed to make the structure solid before applying the skin.

I could spend another couple of weeks working full time on him to totally bring him up to scratch, but he is needed for rehearsals.

I have used modern materials for two reasons. 1. They are readily available and 2. The original was made out of silk and rabbit glue. The local silver fish love to eat silk and there isn't a rabbit abattoir in Broome with a ready supply of glue.

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