Roping them in...
Aerialst training in April, 2014

Posted by Ruth Battle

So here I am again! The last time I was here the dry season was in full force, and so were the tourists (I know because I could hardly get a parking spot in town). I was dividing my time between here and the Peninsular and loving every minute of driving that new beast of a red truck up that dirt road...sorry, what was I here to talk about again? Oh yeah, Circus... Well, this time it is hotter, WAY muggier and Gwens' just taken my beloved red truck from me for the remainder of the week, but I have to say that I'm loving this trip up the best so far.

All the students with whom it seemed I left as gangly kids, have magically blossomed into beautiful, strong and gutsy Aerialists! I have had a very full week of specialist classes from beginners to advanced and every single one of the participants has wowed me with their new sense of body awareness and form. They might not have all the tricks, but geez they are getting good at the stuff they do know. I feel this is down to getting training from a variety of trainers (we all have different skills, and even the skills we share are executed differently from each other) and also a step-up from the trainers (both head trainers and marchflies). Things like attending the WA Circus Festival help so much in inspiring people to work harder and better...and it has certainly paid off here.

This time up, I have decided to focus on my speciality... Corde Lisse. Usually the rope here is just used to get from the ground to the high Trapeze, but I have made it my mission this week to get as many kids that I can, in love with the beautiful "hard-coreness" that is the Rope. So far, so good. There are budding Rope artists in every age group and I really, really, REALLY hope that people will continue down this track. Here's hoping!

So that's it for me, back to Perth I go, to the cooler weather and the busy streets. Thanks so much for having me again. I really look forward to seeing you all again after your new head trainer gets her claws into you and you have again transformed to your next level xoxoxo.

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