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The Shorebird Quest

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'Shorebird Quest' puppeteer Roechelle Rivers researches polychaetes, or marine worms - a favourite food of local migratory shorebirds.

Hello Friends,

If you managed to make it down Crab Creek Road on the humid evening of March 31, you would be aware that many of our shy feathered friends have been leaving Roebuck Bay for the season. The Broome Bird Observatory hosted their annual Migration Watch, and the public was invited to the send-off.  It was remarkable to see the glittering V’s of birds move across the sky as dusk approached. Like everything about these birds, it was graceful and unassuming. And like these birds - who enjoy their privacy - it was easily missed.

For several years, Theatre Kimberley and the Broome Bird Observatory have been planning The Shorebird Quest, a large-scale puppet project to celebrate these migrating heros.  Without the protection of the rich benthic ecology of Roebuck Bay, we could not play host to their seasonal buffet, which necessarily fattens these birds for their onward journeys – some to comical proportions!  

In partnership with NBY Country Managers and Parks and Wildlife Services Yawuru Rangers, we have created a theatre spectacular that will entertain all ages. Additionally, we hope the project will increase locals’ and visitors’ knowledge and curiosity about the cultural and environmental values of our favourite bay.  

The Shorebird Quest will take place May 4 at 6pm at Town Beach near the Town Beach Café. The show features illuminated giant puppets that will light up the mudflats and an original musical score by Jaime Jackett (Belle Miners) and Hayden Kuhtze. The show is free of charge, so bring the family and a picnic blanket to take in a truly unique Kimberley experience. 

For more information, check out the Theatre Kimberley Facebook page and our event pages: The Shorebird Quest and The Shorebird Quest Puppet Workshops (listed as a ‘past’ event, but has some great posts).

To see the exciting development with your own eyes now, watch this fantastic short promo about the giant puppets – it’s not too late to get involved!

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