Posted by Catherine Daniel

Last week after the long weekend, Dale arrived to teach and choreograph the dance component of our outreach program.

On Tuesday morning we headed out to Muludja community and shared circus and dance skills with the students there. Muludja is a small remote school about 30 kms along a dirt road off the main highway. The school has three classes and we thoroughly enjoyed teaching circus and dance to each and every student.

Just like in Fitzroy Crossing we started each workshop with a warm up and then moved into some fun circus and dance skills. It was wonderful to see the happy smiles on the children’s faces as they danced to "I like to move it move it" and "Where them girls at".

We had fun doing cartwheels, forward rolls, handstands and some really talented people showed us their backflips.

Our circus toys were also with us. Together we unicycled, juggled, hula hooped, spun plates and diablos and passes flower sticks to one another.

Kelly learnt to juggle that day, we have never seen anyone learn to juggle 3 balls so fast and then she was on to trying some tricks!

This week we welcome Andre who is helping with the final show in Fitzroy Crossing school and will learn all about rigging for Work Experience.

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