Total Rebuild

Posted by Franque Batty

What a spectacular show!

This year's show was absolutely wonderful. Thank you to all you awesome parents and your very talented children. This year we pushed our skills further than we have previously done, we had multiple cloudswings where previously we have only had one with limited use. The cloudswing routine was also choreographed by our youngest ever directer, the wonderful Freja Gorring. Other new skills were the cigar boxes, which Reuben and Kai both taught themselves and put together to make one of the funniest cigar box routines I have ever seen.

This coming term is also an exciting one. Although we don't have any more visiting trainers coming up, we are all focusing on learning new skills and developing small acts for our end of year show and tell.

I will see all of you in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to another amazing term of circus.

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