Dancers Dancing
Bayulu River Stories Project

Posted by Sete Tele

Boyz trying out an idea!

Girlz trying out the same idea!

The initial briefing with the directors introduced the river stories, and subsequent discussions about the storyline determined how dance can be best utilised in conjunction with the other art forms.

Over the ensuing weeks, the dance team developed a considerable amount of choreography for the show. The material was created by the dance team leaders Rachel Arianne Ogle and myself in collaboration with the dancers. The students were empowered to choreograph sections of the dance, further highlighting the level of engagement and investment demonstrated by their undertaking of this task.

The culminating performance at Bayulu Remote Community School, was a successful weaving of stories via projected moving and still images, awesome puppets manipulated by the puppeteers, actors acting, circus tricks, the dancers' beautiful dancing as the Kangaroo mob, Brolga, and Galahs. The layering of sound, lights, music also underpinned the narrative, a bringing to life on stage the local colour, the river stories.

A massive shout out to all the dancers for their wonderful work during rehearsals and their stunning performance during the show.

Absolutely fantastic!

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