The Peninsular tour 2013

Posted by Claudia Alessi

Hi readers,

Well the bumpy drive to Beagle Bay and Lombardina Communities proved to be a worthwhile trip this year. We cruised into town on a sleepy Sunday week 1 to set up for a jam packed day of circus activities with Jens and Maddie. The kids were totally fabulous, enthusiastic and ready for everything we threw at them. A quick pack up and drive up to Lombardina for second day of Circus fun and frolicking. Well the mosquitoes also joined in here too, but once again loads of fun and hard work at school for the day. Both Jens and I spent the rest of the week busy brainstorming ideas for our separate shows with our schools, dreaming up vignettes, scenes, gags and routines.

Week 2 a much more jam packed few days in Beagle Bay to train, workshop and set the show in motion. Loosely themed around 'living life near the creek' hense the title 'Creekin' the school show erupted into crazy demonstration of their learned efforts and skills over the past 6 week. Surprising most of the teachers and even themselves at times, the kids (ranging from Kindy to Lower High School) really shone. The High School Boys kicked off the show with their own original rap we made about life with no swimming pool but an awesome creek outta town. We smashed together insects, holla-hooped creek fairies, baby crocks, crabs, turtles, lost girls with a map, fishermen, lyra moon girls, tumbling fish and our very own trio of aerial Sandfly Circus stars, Lauren, Oceane and Sarah who did an awesome job assisting Elenor, Maddie and myself all week.

Great job everyone it was a cracking show bigger than expected followed by a demon of a disco for the kids last day of term. I certainly had fun busting out moves in the breakin circle I hope you did too.

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