2014 WA Circus Festival Update
What happened?

Posted by Gwen Knox

The team

We had over 25 Broome People including 14 members of the Sandfly circus performing at the WA Circus Festival. We performed modified exceprts from Chintown Big Top. It was performed to great acclaim to circus professionals and other circus nuts from Australia and around the world. Sometimes the simplest things please the most, because the ponies were probably the most popular item in the show. Everybody wanted to adopt Gemma and take her home.
The Sandflies who went there for summer school performed in other Lunar Circus shows, notably the Loony Lippert Sisters did a great water comedy routine with a singing tree. The whole Sandfly troupe were invited to participate in Simone, Joey and Eleanor's site-specific performance commonly know as "The Bus Show", which involved all of the Sandflies spewing out of the engine compartment. The hoop enthusiasts appeared over the hill in pursuit of a space man wearing a sequined Australian flag.One of the highlights was a fantastic teeter board performance incorporating old Sandflies Rowan, Louis and Crystal teaming up with new Sandflies Jake, Andre and Sarah to perform. Jake, Andre and Kai had the opportunity had the opportunity to mini-tramp great leaps over an old, blue Holden ute. You can see photos on the Facebook pages.
The kids got to see lots of amazing performances. It was possible to recognise a transition between the tradtional pure circus to a contemporary physical theatre that incorporated more choreographic elements. Also there is big trend in Burlesque and Vaudevillian cabaret shows.

The kids were fantastic - they were a great bunch of kids to travel with. Gwen says she would travel with them again anytime, and sends a big "Thanks!" out to the parents, who were also great.

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