Bust Out Cabaret Wins Hearts
Darlings of the circus with gags and skillz all night.

Posted by Ushan Boyd

A screen shot from the vid.

On Friday night, July 12th in Broome at the Pigram Garden Theatre, Burlesque came to town and wooed the sell out crowd with laughs, sassiness and flat out skills.

Billed as an 18+ event, those lucky enough to get a seat had a thoroughly enjoyable night. 

A full list of entertainers can be found on the Bust Out Project page.

Testimonials range from "Broome punched above it's weight last night" to "That was awesome."

Here are 2 shorts taken from the night. 

First is the Burlesque Bells featuring Melissa Arnott-Barker and Nidala Barker on vocals. The next video is the show Finale. If you didn't see the show, ask someone who did see it about who is in the Finale, and what did they do! 

More videos on Franque's profile and Melissa Arnott-Barker's.

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