Big Country Puppets Needs You
To operate puppets during Shinju

Posted by Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman

Magic in the Making - Photo by Julia Rau

Big Country Puppets Needs You

The Big Country Puppet project are beautiful and very large puppets. We need some volunteers to help out with performances this week. Especially for the Shinju Matsuri float parade this Sunday. Please see below for call times:

This is a callout for puppeteers for the Big Country Puppets performances @ Dreamtime Dancers 11th &12th September, and for the Shinju Parade on the 15th September.

Rehearsals are:

  • Tuesday evening
  • 11am - 4pm Thursday day
  • Friday 11am until late evening
  • 9am - 5pm Saturday

Puppeteers need to be relatively strong and fit - they are giant puppets fitted with backpacks. There is one small gouldian finch puppet that a small person/ young adult could use (max height 150 cm ) which is very lightweight.....

We also need minders for the puppets at the Shinju Parade...basically looking out for puppeteers, making sure they don't collide with objects/people...don't get mobbed by children etc.

Please call Bernie on 0401476839 if you are interested.

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