All waters converge!
River Stories

Posted by Sandy McKendrick

Jilljarri billabong, Dreaming site.

Zac and puppet

Mimbi caves recording Cissy's story

Theatre Kimberley mob spent a few hours on the bank of Jilljarri billabong listening and recording Dreaming Stories of this jilla [living water] from Thomas Dick and Don Gillian. Winds blew, rainbow bee eaters , egrets, cormorants,eagles and kites flew above us. We explored the shores.... fresh water mussels, crocs and lilies. Next day back at school I was plied with questions from the puppeteers about what we saw which was a great opportunity to ask them all the names in language and talk in detail about the puppets that we were designing related to these stories. I have spent time over at Go Go's rubbish dump searching for items that could be useful for re-constructing into puppets. I'm trying to access most materials on site , using only tools and construction materials that I have purchased as minimally as possible. Already there is great excitement about this with the students suggesting innovative ways of using all our resources.

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