Posted by Jordan Bryon

Billy enraptures the kids with his story

And so the journey begins! This is my first time in the Kimberley, and as Gwen said so courteously yesterday, I’m a green rookie! And loving it! I’m a fan of first time experiences. They only happen once. And as my girlfriend always says, LIFE BEGINS AT THE EDGE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!
The Kimberley is stunniiiiiiiiiing! The landscape is alive and the people are honest. I have a feeling what you see is what you get here, there isn’t much pretence – a delight coming from self-conscious Sydney.
The project is also alive, a growing embryo fed by the contributions of others. Can’t wait for the Elder’s stories to give the project shape! *Massive high five to Charlene, one of the teachers at Bayulu Community School, for being the bridge between us and the Elders.
As the person behind the camera it's always entertaining to see the different reactions people have to the camera. Some of the youngsters at Bayulu Community School hid, revealing only wide curious eyes as they peeked out from behind their friends. Others began performing immediately, natural jokesters. The elders we visited at Bayulu and 8 Mile / Joy Springs were gracious, barely paying any attention to the camera at all!
In class the students began revving up their imaginations and conceptualizing the stories and preparing questions to ask the elders when they come in! Super cool.
Looking forward to observing student and teacher's personal evolutions, as they go on this shared journey! Oh and super looking forward to my own journey! Bring it on donkey kong!

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