A Few Words from Pia
TK Welcomes New Staff Member, Pia Davids

Posted by Meredith Benke Bell

Arts and admin assistant, Pia Davids

Hello Friends, 

We're delighted to have Pia Davids joining us in the office. She is a calm and sunny presence in the office, and she has great drive and dedication. You'll see more of Pia as our productions get closer - lucky for us, Pia has amazing organisational and production skills. We hope you'll join us in welcoming her to the TK family! Read on to learn a bit about her...

G’day from the Arts Assistant!

May I introduce myself: Pia, the “Arts and Admin Assistant” who sends out the odd email, organises enrolments, class lists and anything and everything else that needs attention around the office.

Some of you might have seen or met me already, for those of you who haven’t, I'm sure our time will come!

Joining the TK Crew

I joined the TK team in early January 2018, as a part-time employee and it has been great.

I have come to understand the love put into this organisation, that makes TK such a valuable asset to our community, and particularly working with Meredith and Jael, I have met some of the most hard-working and driven people I know.

A very inspiring workplace with so much potential - I feel very fortunate to be involved and have become a part of Theatre Kimberley crew.

About Pia

My love for theatre dates back many years, to primary school: where I co-founded a theatre group and later taught classes at the age of eleven- fast forward to a few years and continents later: studying theatre and performing on stage as Shakespeare’s Cleopatra at University in Perth.

My background is in TV Journalism and Film, so when I'm not busy in the TK office you may see me around town with a camera -filming, which is not only my chosen career path but my absolute passion!

For the future at TK I’m hoping to combine both my love for storytelling, the arts and my excitement to be active in our Broome community.

Looking forward to a busy & amazing year with all of you!

Pia x

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