2015 WA Circus Festival

Posted by Pam Murphy

the Fatt Matt Show

A small contingent of Sandfly circus families travelled down south for five days of intense circus master classes, culminating in the Western Australian Circus Festival over the long weekend in January. After a hard day of training there was nothing better than watching the highly entertaining and physically spectacular performances of the nightly cabaret. Many faces from the year before were once again on stage, including Broome former members of the Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly circus - Louis, Rowan, Crystal and Georgia. The circus festival itself is almost beyond description, with an awe-inspiring mix of comedy, shock, cheek and incredible physical acts that seemingly have no boundaries. You cannot help but watch the shows with wide eyes, dropped jaws and a deep appreciation for the artists' amazing skills.

I would highly encourage anyone with an interest in circus to attend this annual event. Well-known, professional circus artists provide the training, and then morph into their element as performers doing awe inspiring acts for the public which defy gravity and sensibility, and make you smile infectiously!

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