Theatre Kimberley Updates

Big Country Puppets delights

by Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman
Posted on 07-Oct-2013 :
Big Country Puppets -a week of performances What a big week it was - the Big Country Puppets were i.. Continue reading →

Goolarri interviews Meredith

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 10-Sep-2013 :
AUDIO: Rob Fadaely interviews Meredith Bell. Meredith is the writer/director of Chinatown Big Top, i.. Continue reading →

Big Country Puppets Needs You

by Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman
Posted on 09-Sep-2013 :
The Big Country Puppet project are beautiful and very large puppets. We need some volunteers to help out .. Continue reading →

Strong Mind Strong Culture

by Rachel Arianne Ogle
Posted on 03-Sep-2013 :
There is an unquantifiable joy that comes with working on community, and Fitzroy Crossing certainly has a.. Continue reading →

When the animals come out to play

by Rachel Arianne Ogle
Posted on 03-Sep-2013 :
"The whole world is dancing, especially the animals in Bayulu..." A flock of galahs adorned with pi.. Continue reading →

Dancers Dancing

by Sete Tele
Posted on 02-Sep-2013 :
The initial briefing with the directors introduced the river stories, and subsequent discussions about th.. Continue reading →

Sammy the LION??

by Gwen Knox
Posted on 28-Aug-2013 :
The original Sammy the dragon who was actually a lion with an identity crisis and this is his head. H.. Continue reading →

All waters converge!

by Sandy McKendrick
Posted on 21-Aug-2013 :
Theatre Kimberley mob spent a few hours on the bank of Jilljarri billabong listening and recording Dreami.. Continue reading →

We've got a NEW CAR!!

by Ushan Boyd
Posted on 12-Aug-2013 :
Well, Lottery West came to the party with a fabulous new car, for which we - and our artists-in-residence.. Continue reading →

Bayulu Project Update

by Ushan Boyd
Posted on 28-Jul-2013 :
Well the first week of workshops has come and gone too quickly (the second week of the 5 week project). W.. Continue reading →