Theatre Kimberley Updates

World Circus Day 2014

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 22-Apr-2014 :
Well, it was time for us to join countless circus fans around the globe and make a fuss over World Circus .. Continue reading →

Roping them in...

by Ruth Battle
Posted on 08-Apr-2014 :
So here I am again! The last time I was here the dry season was in full force, and so were the tourists (.. Continue reading →

Professional Development

by Pam Murphy
Posted on 25-Mar-2014 :
On the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd February 2014, Chris Mayhew ( Continue reading →

Join Adult Circus Classes with TK

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 25-Mar-2014 :
6-8pm, Tuesday nights at BRAC indoor stadium (during school term only - eg not April 15th & 22n.. Continue reading →

2014 WA Circus Festival Update

by Gwen Knox
Posted on 03-Feb-2014 :
We had over 25 Broome People including 14 members of the Sandfly circus performing at the WA Circus Festi.. Continue reading →

Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus Head Trainer Position 2014 - Filled

by Ushan Boyd
Posted on 29-Jan-2014 :
The position for full time Act-Belong-Commit Sandlfy Circus trainer has been filled by Kate Reid (http://www.t.. Continue reading →

Lowdown on the WA Circus Festival

by Ushan Boyd
Posted on 05-Dec-2013 :
The Western Australian Circus Festival, hosted by the Lunar Circus at Karridale, WA is an annual gatherin.. Continue reading →

How the Arts strengthen communities

by Ushan Boyd
Posted on 13-Nov-2013 :
The Arts in Australia has it's ups and downs, no denying it. Sometimes it is flying with full support and.. Continue reading →

Melboure Report

by Gwen Knox
Posted on 17-Oct-2013 :
We arrived late at night. The accommodation on Chapel street had forgotten about us. After much knocking on th.. Continue reading →

Research shows the Arts is good for you.

by Ushan Boyd
Posted on 17-Oct-2013 :
A study has shown that school participation in the arts can have "positive effects on diverse aspects of .. Continue reading →