Meredith Benke Bell

Artistic Director

Meredith Bell is the Artistic Director of Theatre Kimberley.
She has been the coordinator of TK’s wildly popular Sandfly Circus since 2014, and has worked and trained with the Sandflies since 2008. She has directed and produced numerous small and large productions for the company.

A native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA) who greatly misses cornbread and a few other things Southern, Meredith comes to TK with a background in Visual Arts (B.A. Magna Cum Laude, Davidson College, USA), culinary arts (Ballymaloe Cooking School, Cork, Ireland), and production management. Meredith helps run a small tv production company with her freelance cameraman/director husband, Paul. They have two young children.


Artistic Director
  • Photo by: Paul Bell
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