Kate Reid

Sandfly Circus Head Trainer

Helllooo Broome,.. So, I have officially landed after riding 6,000kms across the this vast country on a camel,... No seriously I didn't quite ride all the way, but I did travel 6,000kms from the Eastcoast to sunny Westcoast Broome to be here with you all, and I did travel overland via the great outback, seeing lakes, deserts, underground hotels and many many other incredible places, so I may post a little bit more about that journey on my Blog as we go,... but, I am extremely excited to be here in your wonderful part of the Country, so,.. thanks for having me x.

But, who am I? Well, a long long time ago I literally ran away,.. and joined the Circus!. In the early 1990's, (yes I know, way way before some of you were born!), I ran away with a Circus Group called 'Sistaweb Circus' in the Northern Rivers area of NSW where I trained in all aspects of Circus, Aerials, Tumbling, Hula-hoops, Adagio,... and loads of clowning around.

Since then I have owned several Circus Company's as well as running several Community and Youth Circus Training Projects, such as your own 'Sandfly' Circus.

My first Company was 'Entroupe' where we combined Circus with Motor-bikes,.. the amazing Jim Potts, amongst other madness created a monster Mad Max style motor bike with a side-car on which we mounted a 5m Chinese Pole. Potts would ride the bike like a catamaran, lifting the sidecar off the ground with me clinging to the pole!. I also Hula-hooped from the top of the pole standing on a foot plate with knee straps on, we led the Bathurst Indi Parade with this crazy machine a few years running.

From Entroupe I worked with Brisbane's 'Rock n Roll' Circus,.. (now known as 'Circa'), a dream job with one of the most amazing Company's in Australia whose work I had admired for years. After a 2 year stint with 'Rock n Roll' I worked with the fabulous 'Circus Monoxide' as musical director and performer and travelled around the Country with 13 other mad peeps in a Black and Yellow double decker bus, performing shows across the great vast outback eastside. I freelanced around for several other company's including 'Vulcana' and 'The Happy Side-show' and in 2002 created The Electric Dollhouse with Zoe Ellis where 'The Dollies' (aka our alter ego's 'Scarlett and Felix), ran amok around the world producing kooky Circus Shows for Events and Festivals.

In 2002 we created 'A Suspended Love Story' for the Sydney Olympic Arts Festival and continued on to tour this production to the first Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2002, and to several other festivals over the next few years. We toured shows across Asia and Australia, creating kooky unique site-specific Floor Installations and Aerial Extravaganzas for Events and Festivals and had a residency at 'The Hard Rock Hotel' in Bali for several years.

During this time I also worked with the Community of Brewarrina NW/NSW to establish The Brewarrina Youth Circus where I worked as Head Trainer and Co-ordinator for 10 years. The Brewarrina Youth Circus was one of Australia's largest Indigenous Youth Circus with over 70 members and a touring Performance Troupe, this group performed to high acclaim at Events such as The Adelaide Fringe Festival with 'River Stories and more,..', and Catapult Festival and received a 5 Star review performing '3wAyXchange' at The Commonwealth Games Cultural Arts Festival a show we co-produced with members of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and members from 'Zip-Zap Circus in Cape-town, South Africa. This Program concluded in 2010 with the 'Heads Up' first National Indigenous Circus Conference being held in Sydney with participants from over 60 groups attending.

I am currently Ring Mistress of 'The Candy Stripe Circus' which I started in 2006. The Candy Stripe Circus produce full feature shows for Festivals and for Major Corporate across the Country and across Asia but you can read more about The Candy Stripe Circus and see photos of our performances on the web-site at www.candstripecircus.com.au

So, thats me in a rather long nutshell!, with way too many more stories to add here, but I am sure we will all be swapping stories as we go.

Looking forwards to meeting all on the Circus dance floor for training, clowning, theatrics, push-ups!!, and so much more,.. see you'll out there.

Cheers, Kate Reid, aka Miss Candy currently Head Trainer at 'The Sandfly Circus', in Broome,.. YIIPPPEEEE! xx


Sandfly Circus Head Trainer
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