Gwen Knox

Artistic Director

Gwen has passionately and steadily nurtured and built Theatre Kimberley from the ground up. 

Gwen steered the Worn Art flagship of TK activities for 14 years.

Theatre Kimberley have facilated major events, workshops and engaged the Kimberley community for over 20 years. Amongst other projects, Worn Art, Sandfly Circus and the Sandfly Circus Outreach program have been been exceptionally well received by the communities they have engaged. Gwen Knox wrote almost every grant, planned and produced almost every show. 

She has worked on children’s theatre for over thirty years, as writer, trainer and director a teacher and tertiary lecturer in the arts and specialises in cross-curricular design of whole school/community arts projects. She is a committed Community Artist and Community Cultural Development practitioner, event’s organiser and musician. She has worked extensively in indigenous health promotion, using arts as a tool for promoting health messages. 

Her work utilises: puppetry, float building, circus, lanterns, music, theatre, dance and visual arts. She is the creator of the famous puppet Jabby. She has worked with Theatre Kimberley as artistic director for over five years. She co-designed the Barking Gecko Theatre production of ‘Crabbing at High Tide” 2005 and constructed the puppets for it as featured at Perth International Festival and toured Western Australia. In 2011 she wrote and directed the Goordandolmi performance as part of the Katherine Fringe Festival NT. In 2012 she adapted and directed Staircase to the Moon a children’s musical


Artistic Director
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