Angelique Ross

Exceptional Skillz

Angelique is a vibrant performer, always pushing her skills and artistic nature, not afraid to take creative risks. 

Angelique Ross grew up performing and teaching as a part of many small community circuses from Broome to Margaret River, rigging trapezes and tight ropes from trees all along along the West Coast of Australia.

Since the days of jugging at the school bus stop she's never kept far from the arts (studying music and visual art) and is now further developing her circus skills and performance style at The National Institute of Circus Arts.


Exceptional Skillz
  • Photo by: Ushan Boyd
  • Categories: Bust Out Cabaret 2019, Sandfly Circus 2011 Flippin Fish, Sandfly Circus 2012 Bored Games, Sandfly Circus Show 2019
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