Act-Belong-Commit Worn Art 2010

"An Uncommon Nonsense"



Enter, with us, to a world of splendid absurdity where light, colour, sound and movement will intoxicate your senses and envelop you with dreams of another world. 

Think, if you will, of the possibilities that lie behind the mysterious closed gates of the wonderland that lies in the imaginations of those who dared to wonder “what if?..” 

 An Uncommon Nonsense stirs as characters come to life in a land of wonder, surprise and fantasy. We are transported to a place filled with animated characters, clowns and creatures who lead us through their stories and nonsense. Be delighted, be bewildered, be transported by the fusion of art and fashion that is Worn Art. 

Every artist from Broome and beyond, of all ages and all experiences has helped craft tonight’s unique performance through their beautiful wearable art works that reflect a healthy passion for nonsense and together weave a narrative of mortal flights of fancy! 

 The stunning sets have all been made by the very uncommon Chris Hill who, with magic and artistry, has brought to life this year’s Worn Art theme on stage once again. Working together with Chris to build the theatrical landscape with his incredible lighting design and sound production is the entirely nonsensical Andrew Chambers and sound production by Tony Lyons of Troppo Sound who always gives up an irrational amount of time to ensure that the sophisticated level of production is maintained. Our rare and wonderful choreographer, the hopelessly fanciful Claudia Alessi, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to her tireless work with the performers who bring the show to you tonight, some of them treading the stage for the very first time. Claudia has also been instrumental in the artistic direction of this production, working alongside the fantastically frivolous Gwen Knox who has shared the role this year. Also assisting with artistic direction, production and choreography is the mad and crazy Sandi Woo who has gone beyond the realm of reason with her dedication to this show. New to Worn Art this year doing production work is Clytie Smith, who has needed to hang on to her sense tightly in order to pull all the loose threads together. We are extremely privileged to have this highly talented and wildly abandoned team! 

 As part of its commitment to community cultural development, Worn Art has contracted our visiting artists to work with the Broome community for the past month. Claudia Alessi has been running classes and workshops in contemporary dance for both children and adults whilst leading aerialist, the daring and thrilling Nell Simpson, has been training a team of hard-working circus performers from Broome’s own Sandfly Circus. Our thanks go out to these two highly respected professional performers who bring rigour and integrity to the reckless passion of Worn Art.

 As a community event, Worn Art draws a willing mass of volunteers from across all spheres of the town. To the models, back stage workers, security personnel, and numerous assistants: our appreciation is boundless. You are truly a magnificent mob!

- Excerpt from the Program

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