Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus 2012

Bored Games!



This show has been facilitated and directed by Jens Altheimer in collaboration with members of the Midgie and Sandfly Circus. He has been supported by the wonderful Nel Simpson, our long term FIFO aerialist teacher. 

Broome’s own Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus operates under the umbrella of Theatre Kimberley Inc. The Act Belong Commit Sandfly Circus holds one major show each year, with smaller performances and workshops in the community during the year. This year is our biggest with about 60 kids performing! We also work in remote communities with over 500 people per year! 

Theatre Kimberley Inc is committed to community development through artistic expression. We work across ages and cultures. Our younger people gain a chance to share respect and ideas, to learn from older members in an informal type of peer tutoring and become active engaged community members.

The Sandflies train with a group of local trainers. We regularly supplement the skills of local trainers by bringing in artists in residence from other places who are professional circus performers with a good training record. The company provide, where possible and appropriate, pathways and training for individuals to achieve professional success.

Who's involved in Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus 2012?

This project proudly supported by

Alyssa Curtayne, Angelique Ross, Ben and Anna, Bruno Michel, Chris Hill, Franque Batty, Jens Altheimer, Justine Walsh, Madeline May, Meredith Benke-Bell, Nel Simpson, Phil Davison, Phoebe Carlson, Renata Murdoch, Rhiannon Ieraci, Sandfly Circus, Sandfly Circus 2011 Flippin Fish, Sandfly Circus 2012 Bored Games, Sandfly Circus 2013 Chinatown Big Top, Sandfly Circus 2014 Outta this World, Sandfly Circus Trainers, Staircase