Act-Belong-Commit Sandfly Circus 2010

3-2-1 FUN!



The show is directed by emerging circus trainers Crystal Stacey(15 years old) and Louise Biggs(16 years old) as mentored by Jacob and Sophie McGrath of Dream State Circus. 

The Sandflies have been training with international stars Sophie and Jacob McGrath from Dream State Circus to develop this years showcase supported by Nel Simpson who has trained the Sandflies for a number of years in aerials. 

 The Sandfly Circus is a community circus made up of young people from the ages of 10 years to over 30 who meet every week to train and have fun. We currently have no places left for anyone wanting to join until we are able to entice some more, reliable trainers who have a background in circus and or gymnastics to work with us on a regular basis. 

This will be the last Sandfly Circus show that Louis and Crystal will be part of for a while as they have just been accepted to do further study with the famous Fruitfly Circus in Aubrey Wodonga. 

People will remember Crystal’s performance in her winning costume “The Joker” and on stilts wearing Cheryl Linaker’s winning set of costumes “Tears of Wisdom” and Louis’s performance in the crowd pleasing, Alister Yiap’s pink costume at this years Worn Art 

The Sandflies will be joined by 10 lucky members of One Arm Point School who have also been training with Jacob and Sophie and some of our Sandfly emerging trainers as part of the Theatre Kimberley Circus Outreach programme. 

-Excerpt from the Program

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