Act-Belong-Commit Dragonfly Outreach Bayulu 2015

Circus AiR Project

Bayulu Remote Community School



Building on relationships developed since TK's inaugural project with Bayulu community in 2012, this project developed the traditional language stories of the Walmajarri and Gooniyandi people into a full length performance that incorporated circus based physical theatre. Visiting circus artist, Catherine Daniel, of Vertical Circus joined TK's Artistic Director, Gwen Knox, for a week of community consultation before she led circus workshops and developed the finale show. Other local and visiting artists joined Catherine for 4 weeks of circus intensives at the primary school.

A team of trainers and students from the National Institute of Circus Arts at Swinburne University in Melbourne (Australia's only tertiary education institute for circus) visited the Kimberley on an internship and cultural exchange during this time. Hosted by Theatre Kimberley, the team joined the existing crew at Bayulu to assist with the preparation and observe the creative process. 


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